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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject [VOTE] Adopt
Date Tue, 24 Sep 2002 03:14:04 GMT

I'd like to propose that be made the official build
script, by:

 - renaming build.xml to build-old.xml
 - renaming to build.xml

I've been using and developing this {build,forrest}.build.xml combo for
about a month now, and it works pretty well. Particularly, the latest
skinconf changes have been made to, not build.xml. I'd
like to officially adopt the new system now so that I can start
documenting it.

For those sleeping the last month, some history:

The current build.xml mixes two concerns:

 - Building "Forrest"
 - Building the Forrest website

build.xml is thus impossible to use for external projects. Perhaps
because of this, the forrestbot effort became the main tool for external

About a month ago, Marc took build.xml and broke it into functional halves:  --> Responsible for creating a "Forrest Binary Distribution" --> Part of the binary distribution; responsible for
building a project's docs.

The idea being, that you can install the Forrest binary distribution in
/usr/local/forrest or wherever, and then build any project you want with
it, by invoking from Ant:

<target name="site" description="Build a static website">
  <ant antfile="${forrest.home}/" target="site"/>

or by running /usr/local/forrest/bin/


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