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Subject Re: [wip] refactoring the build.
Date Thu, 22 Aug 2002 01:14:12 GMT
Jeff, this looks great....

Is forrest-acorn at a point where we could add it as a maven plugin for 
the next release?
Jeff Turner <> wrote on 21/08/2002 11:34:11 PM:

> Great :) I'm 100% with you on how you propose to separate things.
> A little update on the Maven plugin: I have a basic version working,that 
> delegates to acorn.xml. Maven plugins are really easy.  They're 
basically a
> Jelly script, plugin.jelly, which gets automatically 'sourced', and gets 
> pointer to ${plugin.dir} where one can store static resources 
(dtds,xsls, jars
> etc). So my plugin.jelly just delegates to Ant:
> <project xmlns:j="jelly:core" xmlns:define="jelly:define">
>   <goal name="forrest:transform">
>     <property name="forrest.home" location="${plugin.dir}/xml-forrest"/>
>     <ant antfile="${plugin.dir}/acorn.xml">
>       <property name="forrest.home" value="${forrest.home}"/>
>     </ant>
>   </goal>
> </project>
> That pattern, of delegating to an Ant script, is what I'd like to 
> because then we can reuse the Ant script across Centipede, Maven, 
> and from user's Ant scripts. All the Maven plugin does is map from 
> directory layout (${maven.*} properties) to Forrest's dir layout.
> In summary; that's what I'm looking for in a refactored build system; an 
> script(s) which I can create a *minimal* wrapper for, to create a 
Forrest or
> Centipede plugin.
dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

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