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From "Marc Portier" <>
Subject RE: using ForrestBot (Was: [PATCH] acorn.xml: bootstrapping newprojects)
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 08:28:57 GMT
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> From: David Crossley []

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> Aha. I just noticed something that may be the cause.
> If you do not do a 'build clean' before running forrestbot
> then it just re-runs the previous build. So if you had
> done a plain './ bot' then forrestbot would try to
> build the default Forrest doco. If you immediately follow
> that with building your own project:
>  ./
bot -Dbot.forrestbot.xconf=$HOME/yourproject.conf.xml
> then forrestbot does not build your project but repeats
> default build.

great observation, this is due to the fact that the bot-conf
is in fact basis for a real ant build file to be generated
the way we use this forrestbot this calls for the target
bot.conf2build to always removing the and
default.parameters.xml.  This will ensure that the <style>
task will always generate a new one.

normal dependency checking inside the style task can fail in
this case:
edit conf1 and conf2 (timestamp0)
use bot on conf1 --> generates required build and paremeter
file (timestamp1)
use bot on conf2 --> style thinks that build and parameter
files do not need to be rebuilt (ts0 < ts1)

quick fix is to just always force generation of the required
fixing now...


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