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From "Marc Portier" <>
Subject RE: [wip][update] build refactoring - first use possible
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2002 15:38:49 GMT
> > there is something working now:
> > ./ -buildfile clean docs
> > will now do the equivalent of what the (old) build.xml does
> I'm just about to head off to bed, but :
> fresh-site-zip:
> /old/home/jeff/homeoverflow/apache/xml/xml-forrest/buil
> /old/home/jeff/homeoverflow/apache/xml/xml-forrest/src/
> resources/fresh-site not found.
> Perhaps you didn't check in that directory?

indeed, excuse me

> > Question:
> > we still have the not-liked filtering in our build
> > I saw the maven guys used it for configuring more
> then the skin
> > Any opinions on being able to configure more?
> Yes please.. I need *lots* of configurability. Eg,
> currently the sitemap
> hardcodes relative paths, like 'content/xdocs' and
> 'resources/images'. I'd
> really like those to be configurable, so that I can
> override them to the Maven
> defaults (by default, /xdocs and /xdocs/images respectively).
> Actually, the cleanest way to handle dynamic,
> property-driven Maven situation
> is probably to create a sitemap on the fly, when the
> plugin is first invoked.

you must be kidding :-)
this and more is in my siteplan idea (earlier post)
(with slight modification: not on first invocation only, but on
every invocation that changed the plan)

all there is to tweak and tune (and hopefully extend in future)
about forrest...
I'ld like all those config-details to be grasped in a single

from this file we could generate
- the sitemap (with matchers that follow the file-extension-trail
- the catalog (so people could add new types)
- the ant-version of the catalog (so we can use the xmlvalidate
tags on content of our DTDs)
- a config file for some all-absolute-links-tranformer that can
translate aliases in cross refs and make all absolute links
- parts of ant tasks, to copy-in the content of different parts.

that could become the level where the bot jumps in as well.

like that forrest becomes a bit of an ant for building sites
IMHO we need the siteplan-overview to be able to get links and
generation right
if we rather have ant throw our site together, then there is no
real reason to use something powerfull like the cocoon sitemap to
generate a concistent site (btw we should asap stop to tolerate
[broken-link]s in our output, when nicola comes to write the
<forrest> task to replace the cocoon CLI, then generating a clear
output-log of broken link to-froms should be a definate
requirement from my part)


> --Jeff
> > regards,
> > -marc=

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