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From "Marc Portier" <>
Subject RE: using ForrestBot (Was: [PATCH] acorn.xml: bootstrapping new projects)
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 15:12:14 GMT

not fully understanding what you see (and missing the tgz)
I just tried this from scratch:
(assuming current working dir ==

$ cvs update -dP
$ mkdir ../acorn-test
$ pushd ../acorn-test
$ cp [path-to-it]/acorn.xml .
$ ant -f acorn.xml -Dforrest.home=../xml-forrest
create-xdocs create-status
$ popd
$ vi acornbot.conf.xml
slide in:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
  <defaults />
  <project name="acorn-test">
        <skin name="forrest-site"/>
    <get-src type="local-copy">
      <project-dir name="../acorn-test" />
      <content-dir name="../acorn-test/src/documentation"/>
      <debuglevel name="ERROR" />
    <deploy type="local-copy">
      <destination name="../acorn-test/forrest-docs/" />

$  ./
bot -Dbot.forrestbot.xconf=acornbot.conf.xml -Dtemplate.echo

and this works fine.

<snip />

trying to grasp what you tried:

> Aha.. hehe.. ahahaha.. Houston, you have a problem.. :)
> Are you using Forrest's docs in a different
> directory to test Forrestbot? Then
> it will be using files from xml-forrest/ and
> you'd never be able to tell the
> difference :)

we use forrestbot to build loads of other things:
50% from the list at
i.e. and
are built using the bot...
so we _can_ tell the difference :-)
(and you see it _is_ used for other sites then, that one not even.)

> I used acorn.xml to generate a basic,
> known-to-build, doc setup.  If I swap the
> acorn-generated content for
> xml-forrest/src/documentation, then it all builds
> fine with forrestbot.

as would the opposite, provided that you tell the bot where
to find the acorn-generated content
please check your-botconf.xml
(mind for gets-src.local-copy the content-dir is not
evaluated as relative to the project-dir, should it?)

if you can't find something wrong:
 - run with -Dtemplate.echo=true
 - attach the ./build/bot/work.[your-project-name].log and
the conf in your next message


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