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From "Marc Portier" <>
Subject RE: The sky is falling! :) Comparing Maven and Forrest (Re: NPEs on second build + rant)
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 07:48:43 GMT
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> From: Jeff Turner []

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> Exactly. And why not? Because the focus has
> always been "let's improve
>", not "let's make a generally
> useful doc system".

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> Forrest micro-optimized on one tiny section of
> the problem-space.
> Forrest hoped that a general solution would
> emerge from tackling a

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"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately
explained by stupidity." -- Hanlon

Honnestly: I don't think we set off wrong.
Providing usefull DTDs as forrest did works like you
describe, they *are* getting used. (even at the moment where
they still are under construction)
Next step is helping those users out in actually doing more
sensible stuff with the content they based on them.

We haven't given the build-for-your-project enough thought
yet. (forrestbot gave it as a side-effect)
We knew that, you just prioritized our agenda :-)

Which brings me to conclude that this is OSS land... This is
where having intentions is great, but only when future
becomes history we will have the means to measure those.
Thx for catalizing the future->history process :-)

> As evidence for this view, I ask you again to
> compare Maven to Forrest.

I have a general dislike for comparisons, but you couldn't
write it on account of any bad intentions (malice) from my
part :-)

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> To further crush Nicola's ego :) and to help spread

I fail to explain your goals by means of stupidity :-)

> of Forrest, I'll be spending tomorrow attempting a Forrest
Maven plugin.

We would surely welcome the Maven plugin.
Better still, we should make it one of the real
build-targets of forrest.


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