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From "Robert Koberg" <>
Subject FW: semi-OT: XSL and XML for a standard site
Date Thu, 22 Aug 2002 01:17:06 GMT
[sent this to the forrest list using the wrong address - sorry if you get this
twice, but I have not seen the message show up yet]


I have been working on a way to standardize site creation. I am hoping this is
useful for many projects/sites. I do this for our livestoryboard tool but the
way we build the XSL/XML can be utilized very easily outside the tool. These
stylesheets create W3 compliant HTML (the CSS is not fully compliant currently
but works in several browsers). They do not use tables for layout (but you can
still have artistic sites). Any XML content can be used, but the XSL is by
default set up to handle the content Schema that comes with the download.

The download contains XSL to transform a variety of page layouts and optionally
give them things like snailtrails, TOC, pagers, etc. Here is a link to a little
more info and download link for the Schemas, XSL, XML and CSS in total as a
[the site is a default layout from this system]

There is the start of some docs for the configuration XML at:

starting docs for the XSLT:

An example of how you can transform a page from the commandline is:
$ java  -jar saxon.jar site.xml basic_3col.xsl page_idref=siteindex

I also have a little java app (basically a DefaultHandler) that can generate a
site. It seems similar to libre. I am not a stellar java programmer so I
hesitate show it to you all, but can do if requested.

I would be very interested in what people think about this setup. If you don't
feel this works for forrest but are still interested, please respond to me
offlist at or

Thans for your interest,

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