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From Ian Atkin <>
Subject [proposal] refactored markup help docs
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2002 21:16:48 GMT
basic idea:-
- to combine hand written help/reference docs with nekodtd generated info
- "markup" get's it's own area
    - normal <document>s covering design, version control, validity 
mechanisms, etc
- each public identifer/namespace to have a menu
    - some normal <document>s about the doctype in general (intro, 
future, issues, etc)
    - each element get's a link/page, similar to current dtd-docs file 
but with text descriptions, examples, processing expectations, etc

current situation:-
- basically did this to learn cocoon + forrest dtd/sitemap/skin, 'cos i 
couldn't fathom the tab linking bug (the best headache i've had in ages :-)
- i have a horrible hack of a solution on my hard drive (couple of xslt 
scripts, sitemap matches, ...)
- need to discuss the implementation issues

if the idea's good and the impl probs can be ironed out i'd have no 
trouble contributing patches/maintaining the docs

what do folks think?

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