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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Linking to javadocs?
Date Sun, 25 Aug 2002 04:45:02 GMT

Is there any way to prevent Cocoon from traversing certain links, or at
least not dying horribly when it hits an invalid one?

I'm trying to avoid having Cocoon traverse links like <link
href="../javadocs/index.html">javadocs</link>. Cocoon dies, claiming it
can't find xdocs/../javadocs/book.xml.

I'm looking for, eg, a null pipeline that won't result in a file being

This would also be needed to implement Marc's siteplan targets:

  <part name="xjavadoc" location="./build/xjavadoc" ref="/javadoc"/>

Because even if ./build/javadoc exists, we don't want Cocoon to do
anything about it.



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