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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: [wip] refactoring the build.
Date Thu, 22 Aug 2002 13:52:13 GMT
On Thu, Aug 22, 2002 at 11:14:12AM +1000, wrote:
> Jeff, this looks great....
> Is forrest-acorn at a point where we could add it as a maven plugin for 
> the next release?

Not really, it's mostly a proof of concept at the moment. The biggest
issue is mapping things from Maven-land to Forrest-land:

 - Directory structures need to be mapped, eg xdocs ->
   src/documentation/content/xdocs. Complicated by the fact that the
   Cocoon sitemap is static.
 - XML files need to be translated from Maven's dodgy-DTDless-XML to
   Forrest's document-v11.dtd format, with an XSLT.
 - A bunch of XSLTs need to be written to convert Maven's generated xdocs
   into something Forrest can use.

Eventually, I hope to have the Forrest plugin as a drop-in replacement
for the xdoc plugin. People can then start with xdoc, and if they need
something more versatile (but slower) they can switch to Forrest.

Getting the plugin size down from 11mb would also be good :) There's Ant
and all sorts of unused crud in there now.


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