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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] acorn.xml: bootstrapping new projects
Date Sun, 18 Aug 2002 08:09:13 GMT
Thanks for the "acorn" idea (love the metaphor) and the patch.
We will look into it ASAP. I have it running on my system.

More below ...

Jeff Turner wrote:
> Marc Portier wrote:
> ...
> > On this very topic, my analysis at this stage would be:
> > There is currently too much coupling between the forrest
> > build.xml and the generation of the docs.
> Yep :) There's no separation between "building Forrest" and "building a
> website's docs with Forrest". Consequently, anyone wanting to use Forrest
> has to first dig through build.xml to separate the forresty bits from the
> build system.

Did you see the document "forrestbot.html"? I did not need to
tweak anything in build.xml ... the bot works beautifully for me.
While i established it on my system today, i added a new document
as a concise overview.

You are right - the separation between "Forrest" and "Forrest's job"
has been a hard one to make clear. Your comments have spurred more
action there, thanks.

Your acorn idea is a good one that seems to complement the
"forrestbot" and would assist Forrest uptake. We will await
a little discussion during the week to build upon it.

> > The correct steps would be
> > - decide on forrest in your project
> > - get forrest from cvs
> > - build forrest (so the main build target of forrest should
> > not build its own docs!)
> > - have your project refer to forrest for building YOUR docs
> > The start with forrest and modify to your own project is not
> > an option to get you started, it is pretty much a
> > requirement to ever get somewhere.
> I agree.
> In penance for wrongfully maligning a worthy project, I went ahead and
> implemented a script that builds the docs with Forrest in whichever
> project it's part of. It uses xml-forrest as a static resource, eg in
> /usr/local/forrest, that you download and build once. Forrest's 16mb is
> far too much to duplicate across multiple projects.
> It's called acorn.xml to suggest the idea of something that can bootstrap
> a 'forrest'. Acorns have to grow wherever they're dropped.  Thus if you
> run acorn.xml in an empty directory, it creates a skeleton Forrest layout
> and builds that. If the directory contains an existing Forrest doc
> structure (eg it's in xml-forrest/ itself), it will build those docs.
> The script will also (optionally) download Forrest from CVS, and build
> it. The idea is that you literally don't need anything more than Ant and
> acorn.xml to start using Forrest. Copy it somewhere, define
> 'forrest.home' to /usr/local/forrest or wherever, and type 'ant -f
> acorn.xml', and a while later you'll have Forrest installed, built, a new
> doc structure created and generated docs for that project.
> --Jeff

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