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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: XHTML2 I have read it and I like it... GO READ IT!
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2002 07:35:18 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote: 
> David Crossley wrote:
> > Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> > 
> >>An interesting article on XHTML2, for those who don't
> >>want to read the spec :-P
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>Since there has been quite a good reception on switching the documentDTD 
> >>over to a profile of XHTML2wd, I think that maybe the best thing could 
> >>be to make a branch, change there the DTD, check that it all works, and 
> >>ask a vote for a branch switch.
> >>
> >>What do you think?
> > 
> > I think that you are reading a lot into a short discussion.
> We have already discussed a *lot* about using XHTML modules in Forrest, 
> and I understood that it was agreed to try them.
> Also, we had decided to merge all links into one, make the class 
> attribute available, and look at the libre effort.

Ken, if you have the energy to explore it at this stage,
then please do. 

> > We should wait until there are some DTDs available. We need
> > the next Working Draft. 
> Why?
> We already have our DTD, we just need to change *some* tags to conform 
> for now, so that the changes we have *already* decided to make are done 
> in conformance to the draft.
> Since we *have* to do them soo, IMNSHO it's better to do them according 
> to the spec, which is surely more near to what it will be like than our 
> current DTD.

It looks to me like it is not only simple mapping
of tag names. Rather there are some structural changes
that are not yet fully decided nor described via schema/DTD.

> > Also i browsed their recent discussion
> > archives and this makes me feel that it is too early.
> Too early to make our DTD *similar*?
> Too early for what?

See Masayasu Ishikawa comment on the status:

They are still discussing major issues ...

* XLink and hlink ... you see the following subject
on current www-html, www-tag, xml-dev lists:
 XHTML 2.0 and the death of XLink and XPointer?

* href attribute on many different elements.

* Block elements within block elements
e.g. <p> can now contain <ul> and other block elements

All these things have big impact on our XSLT. And how
can we be "switching the documentDTD over to a profile
of XHTML2wd" when they do not yet have a DTD?

> > We need to allow time for more discussion on whether this is
> > the way to go. Some prime Forrest people are away.
> As I said from the start, there will be no vote till all of the Forrest 
> developers can have their say, and after a good discussion.
> And I haven't yet heard from you.

Maybe you will, maybe not ... no time for everything.

> > When it does come time for this, is it better to experiment
> > in Forrest's scratchpad, rather than manage branches?
> > We already have some scratchpad build targets for doing
> > transformation and processing of other document types.
> But this is about converting all the documentation in XHTML,
> should I copy all of it in scratchapd?

That is what the scratchpad targets are doing - automated
conversion to a different document type. They will help you
to transform some current xdocs to the XHTML2wd.

If you think that the result of this conversion is best
explored in a new branch, then go for it. 

Sure, the best way to explore something is to try to implement
it. Excellent if Forrest can provide them some feedback on any
implementation problems before they become concrete. I have
battles in my geospatial community because they develop
standards without trying to implement them.

> OH well, let's wait for Steven to come back even only to discuss, or the 
> sky will fall...

Steady on Ken, no need for sarcasm.

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