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From "Marc Portier" <>
Subject [patch][wip] partial work done on
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2002 16:29:23 GMT
should be able to get more finished tonight (off-line though)
but since the current bundle seems to work partially (and not break previous

would appreciate if someone could apply the patch

- changes to build.xml
  - are not on existing stuff yet (although there could be some renaming and
repositioning done, xuse me)
  - are in the bot-section: some new targets
- changes to forrestbot.conf.xml
  - I realized that in current way of working the skin decision is
    in the prepare step (not the generate)
- changes to layout.xml reflecting some dir jugling in build/bot still not
really comfortable, but hey, shoot me
- changes to is where the functional reasoning for all
this hastle is, the rest is there to support that.

non self explaining things maybe:
- when doing a cvs get-src there is 2 distinct cvs actions:
	1. to get the actual deep dir that holds the xdocs
      2. to get only the module top dir (non recursive):
         we need it for the project description *.*ml files
- also after the cvs actions files are locally copied to the context dir, I
have some dream of forrestbot maybe holding a cache of the cvsmodules he's
regulary updating (delta's rather then full checkouts?) so the cache would
be kept, and the context dir swept clean on each run of the bot?
- I'm not putting in the WEB-INF/classes in each distinct project,
  instead I choose to share one among all central builds
  (seems to work, please comment)
- there is no filter @token@-translations on stuff in documentation dirs
(see other discussion today)

upcoming work (more wip)
- provide deploy templates
  (scp and local copy are on the list, others?)
- provide template for local-copy get-src
- refactor build.xml to use the defaults
- double-check the todo's just about everywhere around

oh, as for what is already done:
after patching go for > build clean bot
and find the forrest docs inside ./build/bot/xml-forrest/docs

in all cases I'm happy to get some feedback
hope you will be happy to receive more patches in the near future

Marc Portier                  
Outerthought - Open Source, Java & XML Competence Support Center            

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