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From "Marc Portier" <>
Subject RE: strange error with build docs
Date Fri, 26 Jul 2002 12:04:18 GMT
> > same here when changing a stylesheet - I must be doing a clean before
> > 
> > No Jisp-related issue, I hope :-(
> Ah, now I remember why I really switched back ;-)
sorry guys, too much smileys and too less soil under my feat
is it important that I understand the humour of this, or can I 
just continue with my toothbrush?

> A delete of the cache files between builds would solve the 
> problem for now.

I do that in the templates-solution now (although for different reasons: 
./work dir is in fact a temp that each stage can clean and use if needed)
and when using that it is indeed not showing the same errors...

so the docs shouldn't have this anymore after I refactored the build.xml
(anyone knowing a site to download some time?)

> Oh, and since we are not filtering anymore, why don't we generate the 
> docs without having to copy them to the build directory?

we are still filtering ATM, but I do hope to remove that in this sweep
(did I miss the to be taken actions on sitemap and *.x[m|s]l?)

even so the copying still remains usefull if you think about the remote 
projects.  The different work-stages dump in different content from 
different places

- prepare= copy in forrest defaults
- get-src= copy in project specifics

it's somewhat nicer to do that in a separate dir, no?


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