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From "Marc Portier" <>
Subject RE: [Fwd: Re: Xdocs Standards]
Date Sat, 20 Jul 2002 08:36:11 GMT
Hi Leo et al.

Current libre incarnation should be seen as first prototype to get
thoughts going, too bad it (the quircks in there?) has been doing the

We are currently rethinking the libre.xml on the forrest-dev mailinglist
(look for the msgs since June 11 with [libre] in the subj.
 basically we're trying to find the use cases that reveal some of the
 book.xml nags... so we can find the right syntax and ways of working
 around them.)

I would greately appreciate if you (all) could find the time to
formulate how you 'ld like it better for your purpose(s)

some fast information:
- one of the already expressed feelings was that at least libre
  should do what book.xml is doing (not the case now)
- in surplus it should allow not to need to write all
  the book.xml files at each level
- by becoming a combination of syntax-file and interpreting
  code (currently generator, for next version I think about
  a source implementation rather) I think it will be
  more self-contained then the book.xml with xpathdirgen

I agree with your comment about the current syntax.
It's not machine generated, but it has been
hitsorically shaped we're only looking at the first
refactoring, so yes there is change needed (and
some of it expressed in
the good news is you can influence that.

And while the 'chore' argument may hold for now it's
our goal to get that out of the way soon...
Point is with libre you'll need to think about a
maintenance strategy for any directory (and it's subs)
in terms of which xml will be in there, which filenames
to use etc etc... so afterwards you can just dump the
xml and the subdirs in there... the libre.xml is created
at the start and once, while the book.xml needs manual
intervention for each new doc (that's the filosophy)

PS: I'll be happy to read in the avalon-dev archive to
understand your use cases (could you give some pointers
(subject lines and keywords) on related discussions?)

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>  > > Libre markup is ugly.  Is it automagically generated?  The
> project.xml
>  > > format is fine for that purpose.
>  >
>  > Then join .
>  > Libre generates stuff automatically as part of the gen process, so that
>  > it can enhance book.xml-like stuff.
>  >
>  > In which way "Libre markup is ugly"?
> There is semantic content (menu order and structure) to express about
> the menu which is very natural to do in book.xml, while the way I
> understand it in libre this is a chore.
> Book.xml is just about as easy as it gets for writing a menu xml file, I
> think.
> - Leo
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