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From "Marc Portier" <>
Subject [patch] final (for now) on
Date Sat, 27 Jul 2002 02:17:01 GMT
extended the evening concept to more or less catch my own deadline
this is pretty complete (1) not in full testing, have to admit, please step
in and flood me with feedback and (2) although there is some todo's

- in build.xml
  - just a silly echo on the conf file used
  - removed the first log attempt again
- in forrestbot.conf.xml
  - nothing (but see lather remark on the @sendlogto)
  - deploy.ftp added
- config2work.xsl
  - the main meat for the log and mail enabling is here, basically the only
template that was still readable now isn't anymore :-(
- there is a new file which is optional, actually I need
it only because there is no smtp deamon on localhost... should we check in
an example nevertheless?
- I tested with my own testbot.conf.xml, just add the @sendlogto atts in
forrestbot.conf.xml with what they should be for our  'official' centralized

the new stuff then:
- deploy.ftp (requires a correct ant though.)
- separate work-logs and mails (the @sendlogto in the <project> of
forrestbot.conf.xml shows ya
- check yourself with: build clean bot, and if you'ld like to build
your-own.conf.xml use
build clean bot -Dbot.forrestbot.xconf=your-own.conf.xml
- checked on the 'clean' requirement david posted in another thread. (should
work, please test)

- can I please go to sleep (==the natural periodic suspension of
consciousness during which the powers of the body are restored) now?
- seriously, have to think about the cvsmodules cache still
- we ruled out the deploy.cvs, please don't cry: it's damn hard to do the
possibly required recursive cvs add's, if there are good ideas on this, we
can give it a shot, don't see how ATM
- sometimes the mail sending fails, can this be due to too large
attachments? or did I suffer from a loosy connection?

upcoming work (more wip, why is this list not getting shorter?)
- refactor build.xml to use the _templates_  (actually lets run the bot for
some time first, it's only now that I think I cover every functional thing
we need to pull this off)
- write a document on TheContract for people to use forrest
  (not like the primer explaining, more a checklist, Bert can maybe
   incorporate in his effort?)
- write a doc on the forrestbot itself:
  - how do you let your site be generated,
  - how do you setup a bot engine yourself
  - how do you contribute with new templates?
- double-check the todo's just about everywhere around
- more comments in the config2work.xsl needed
- check on cvs checkout based on branch
- check on cvs checkout cache
- enabling the dream of project-provided skins, templates, ...
(although I'm starting to think the most pragmatic short term is to just
make a ./skin/myOwn inside the
src/documentation of your own project, ie next to the ./content/xdocs dir
should work now even I think)


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