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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Target Date Issues (was: Re: Need todo list for Cocoon transition)
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 17:03:08 GMT
Finally, target date, in two parts.

PART ONE: Target Date for Completion

I'd like to complete this before 2.1 beta of Cocoon. Is it feasible?

When is that beta 'planned'?

The cocoon/plan/release.xml says
  August/September 2002 : Release date for 2.1 Alpha 1
No mention of further releases as yet.

Ah. Plenty of time :-)

<snip what="konstantin" why="dream mode, save for later" />

Plenty of time? Maybe, but I want to start asap. In fact, it has 
started, I'm ready to dig into the cvs. I was basing my proposal on the 
original date, proposed by Carsten, which has since slipped (sorry, 
forgot this). I sure hope we can complete this effort -- with or without 
remote building -- by August.

Still reasonable? Remember, lack of Forrest kills my efficiency. There's 
so many useful, real world things we can add to Forrest, but I don't 
want to design them in the abstract based on the very simple docs that 
Forrest currently has. I want them to be based a real need, Cocoon, one 
that's so in my face that it makes sense to for me to fix the problem 
instead of continuing to hack away with tedious, manual fixes. That's 
why I've stopped contributing patches to Forrest. I'd rather wait and 
see what I *really* need, what the priorities are. Then, I'll have lots 
of concrete patches to offer for your feedback and wise advice... 
Forrest needs Cocoon as a test case, and the sooner the better IMNSHO.

PART TWO: What else can we do right now?

Even if we can't automate the web site updates yet, we could still 
transition to the necessary architecture, correct? Honestly, I'd prefer 
to continue with manual updates until we arrive at a comfort zone with 
all transition issues.

As I said, the documents seem pretty well shaped up. When do you plan to 
make the transition to v11 DTDs? Or would you still be using the upgrade 

I guess it boils down to a skin issue, doesn't it. When I did the 
original conversion, I added Cocoon docs to the Forrest CVS. I'll report 
back, after I try it the other way. Seems to me there will be issues 
with existing XSLTs, but let me find out.


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