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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Skin issues (was: Re: Need todo list for Cocoon transition)
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 15:22:20 GMT
Please, let's continue:

1. Skin has to be decided by cocoon-dev, right? If so, shouldn't we get 
this process started on cocoon-dev?

yep (and please refrain from building your own skin ;-)
IMO, the 'bert' skin is the obvious choice right now

Why do you say that? I imagine that many projects will not
want the default Forrest skin and will want to use their own.
I do understand that for this stage of Forrest it would be
far easier to just stick with the default.

Has Forrest yet decided how broad is the scope of its skin?
I am confused as to the intention. Is the skin just for
Forrest home and community docs, or does it apply to all

Both easiness and consistency, IMO. One of the goals of Forrest is to 
have a uniform website. The skinning system is mainly 
targeted towards projects externally to

I like the 'bert' skin and I think that there will be no problems in
cocoon-dev if we use it for Cocoon site & docs.

Maybe it's a goal of Forrest to have a uniform web 
site -- but -- have you actually checked with other 
projects? Do they consider it a goal? Are all of them represented here? 
Have all of them been participating in the skin development process?

It's seems to me, no. Am I wrong, lurkers?

Strategically speaking, as a friend of Forrest, you need to:
1. Update the Forrest site to show the Bert skin
2. Contact all projects and ask them to comment on the 
skin. In other words, allow them to influence the design so that they 
"invest" and "own" the final result. Otherwise, I fear it will be 
perceived as a top-down approach which will have limited success.
3. Give cocoon-dev the option to vote on the following:
   a. using Forrest skin on the condition that it can be improved over 
time with their feedback
   b. allow Cocoon to continue using an "updated" (based on new dtds, 
etc.) old skin, with the plan to change the new Forrest skin, once it 
has been enhanced. Yes, I realize this is going to take some work, and 
will delay our efforts, but it can be done.

Maybe Konstantin's right, that Cocoon will adopt the Bert skin with "no 
problems". Still, I'd rather confirm this with a vote (preceeded, of 
course, by a strong and convincing proposal about the "best" approach, 
i.e. option (a) above.)

Above all, let's *not* let skin issues hold up our being able to use all 
the other great stuff Forrest has to offer!


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