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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Tab Issues (was: Re: Need todo list for Cocoon transition)
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 16:26:01 GMT
Now, tabs.

4. Tab decisions (IMO these could wait).

you will need to add some tabs, I believe, but that's dead simple.

As far as i can tell, tabs do not work yet.

They work, but you have to perform some hacky things to make them behave 

1. Steven, you used the term "dead simple." Maybe dead simple to 
implement, but IMHO deciding what content goes under what tab should be 
decided on cocoon-dev. If so, IMHO it needs to be proposed on 
cocoon-dev. Is anyone working on a proposal? I started assessing this 
when I first started looking at the Cocoon web site and its doc issues. 
Should we create a draft proposal here on Forrest and then post it for 
comments and feedback on cocoon-dev? If so, should I refactor an old 
email of mine and post a draft here for more tab-specific comments?

2. Bert, do you have time to fix the so-called hacky things, or should 
we wait to get feedback from cocoon-dev about what to do about the 
overall skin issue first?


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