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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject CVS issues (was: Re: Need todo list for Cocoon transition)
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 16:17:44 GMT
Next, CVS:

3. Cocoon CVS needs some revisions
   - add forrest.xgump
   - add build facilities and targets
   - ? Is the Forrest CVS adapting to Cocoon CVS structure or vice versa?

I checked the src/documentation structure of current Cocoon CVS and it 
seems pretty well shaped up for Forrest remote project building.

But Forrest depends on more than what is located in xdocs. If Cocoon 
needs to generate its own doc builds (for distro, etc.) it needs to 
revise its CVS to include:

1. Revised xdocs, obviously. But the mechanism to accomplish this 
quickly is done.
2. Revised files in resources: stylesheets, schema, entities, etc.
3. addition of forrest.xgump (and removal of changes.xml and todo.xml 
etc. now factored into forrest.xgump, and modification of distro-doc 

1. Forrest needs to add a build target which triggers the creation of 

Anything else?

Do *all* stylesheet modifications/additions have to go through Forrest? 
I hope not. I think you need to allow projects to have at least some 
project-specific stylesheets. As a trivial example, I added a transform 
step to Cocoon's FAQ generation which includes the same FAQ content on 
the bottom of every FAQ page (instructions on how to add a FAQ to the 
page). Perhaps not all projects will want this particular content layer. 
If so, the ability to have project-specific stylesheets also means the 
ability to modify the sitemap. Of course, no project needs to have the 
ability to modify the sitemap to take advantage of Forrest, but I don't 
see how you can prevent such modifications, especially for projects like 
the Cocoon.


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