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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Build targets (was: Re: Need todo list for Cocoon transition)
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 15:47:28 GMT
Next, the build process.

2. Build targets need to be added to address all of Cocoon's current 

well... I have been planning (and postponing) to clean up the current 
forrest build environment and *finally* support remote project 
building - unfortunately, I will not be able to work on this before next 

Given that, there shouldn't be any adaptation necessary anymore.

A while ago Ken said that he would attend to upgrading
Forrest's Centipede (which includes the Ant 1.5) to enable
the use of the scratchpad 'transform-v11' targets.
So be careful of effort overlap.

The more I am looking at the current build system, the more I get the 
feeling it is too much for what we are currently doing. I'd be happy if 
Nicola patches it, even adding that new 'import' tag he is currently 
advocating, but I want to move forward. I'm not so sure whether his and 
my plans would conflict, but I'll keep everyone informed so that we can 
minimize that risk.

Clarification needed: What is the scope of "remote project building"? Is 
it correct to assume:

1. Forrest's only concern is building Cocoon's web site, and it does 
that remotely.
2. Cocoon continues with its own build environment (with some minor 
modifications) to produce *all* other doc-related (e.g. user docs in the 
distro) and other targets. In other words, Cocoon continues using just 
Ant, not Centipede, at least for now.


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