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From Ian Atkin <>
Subject Re: general questions
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2002 17:36:56 GMT
comments inline:-

Steven Noels wrote:

> Ian Atkin wrote:
>>  why is bert the default skin?
> it's our best one, cross-browser et al. the only other one you could 
> possibly rely upon is the basic one - the other ones are there for 
> showing off the concept of skins, but are not actively maintained 

and most end with a *fatal* error due to document2fo.xsl not being 
present as well, not much of a show :-)

forrest-site's document2fo.xsl makes erronous .pdfs (acrobat won't load 
them), which has been fixed in bert skin

seems like a lot of re-use/duplication across skins, i'm going to have a 
think about this

>> - the faq says it's under dev
> do you want me to change the faq, then? :-) 

no i'll do a patch, it'll be good practise - maybe add a few more 

> honestly - forrest-site should disappear and be replaced with the bert 
> skin
>> - the code assumes your building to a web served filesystem that 
>> copies's filespace (tab2menu.xsl prefixes links with 
>> '/forrest/', for example which breaks the tab links)
>> - any first timer doing a "./ docs" probably won't be 
>> outputing to such a place
>> - i spent ages not fathoming that tab link bug because i assumed that 
>> forrest-site was the default
> we are aware of this hack and will be addressing it somewhere-in-time 

i'll have a go if you like

>> why so many empty directories?
>> - this is a *total pain* when trying to fathom a project
>> - i realise that forrest is a big superset but the duplication seems, 
>> well, stupid to me
>> - there seems to be multiple locations for skins, arbitrary locations 
>> for other scripts, i can't make any sense of it
>> - if it's empty, what *exactly* does a placeholder hold in place?
>> - an infection of "placeholder-itis" disease, IMO
>> why are dir stuctures so damn deep?
>> - if using Ant to copy everything prior to generation, why is the 
>> src/ dir struct so complex
>> - why not make things easy to find? i spend far too long navv'ing 
>> though dir structs as it is, ant can remove most of this need, why 
>> not use it for that?
>> - seems like many apache projects suffer from this, so folks must 
>> rate the approach, but i can't see the benefit myself
> Etc etc... Forrest has adopted Centipede as it's underlying build 
> environment. Forrest doesn't use much of Centipede's power since we 
> don't do much Java code - hence the empty directories.
> We could remove them, but I don't see a strong reason why. I'll update 
> the directory layout description in the Forrest primer, however, if 
> that helps. 

nah, i'd like to work on this one - should autogen the info from 
filesystem parse, layout.xml and hand written comments

would this be more of a krysalis thing?

> Other than that: please remember this is people working in free 
> time/stolen company time :-) 

i hadn't forgotten at all - i'm not getting paid for this either! :-)

> BTW: how did the Docbook/Anakia thing worked out? 

it kind of went to sleep, i realised i knew nothing about apache folks' 
attitudes and tools so started reading + thinking

also nearly all my 'puting stoped during the world cup, :-)

i did get a docbook2anakia xslt script from dion, with the main interest 
of inverting it, perhaps it's time to wake this one up?

> </Steven>

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