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From Ian Atkin <>
Subject scratchpad won't compile, help!
Date Mon, 22 Jul 2002 16:39:11 GMT
hello people,

just got the source, tried to ./ docs as the readme said and 
something called "scratchpad" won't compile with loads on deprecation errors

- this is something to do with cocoon isn't it (i'm way behind, sorry)?

- i'm running jdk 1.4 on winXP (yeah i know ...), do i need to use v1.3.1?

if so are there any obvious gotcha's running both jdk versions other 
than the JAVA_HOME env var?


- my main interest is to integrate forrest and docbook, maybe come up 
with an 'apachebook' or something
- i've always hated the 'chunking' parts of docbook (for sets, books and 
alike) but i highly rate the block-level markup, paramterised/modular 
DTD's and stylesheets
- not interested in shoving docbook down anyone's throats, but docbook 
is mature and i see no reason to re-invent the wheel, perhaps trim it 
down or steal the best practise by the bucket
- any ideas on how to approach this? anything forrest really needs more 
urgently while i learn the codebase?

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