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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject document2Fo.xsl
Date Sun, 21 Jul 2002 13:52:23 GMT
I have created a patch on Scarab for this however, I can't seem to edit
the entry on scarab to add this new file (see

The attached file is an update of that patch, can someone get rid of the
above patch to prevent confusion.


The attached file is an rewrite of the document2fo.xsl. I have rewritten
it because, well, it didn't work and since I didn't understand FO I
found it easier to start (almost) from scratch than to debug that sheet.
I have also attached a diff for the sitemap.xmap which will enable PDF
generation. The final patch (book.xml.diff) adds links to
document-v11.pdf and primer.pdf for test purposes (although in
production I think adding something into document2html.xsl would make
more sense so that each page has a link to a PDF/PS document)

Everything in the document-v11.xml and primer.xml documents works fine
except that, I haven't managed to get the images to embed correctly, the
image file cannot be found. I have tried every path I can think of but
nothing works.

Any ideas what the path should be?

    <xsl:template match="figure">
      <fo:external-graphic src="build/work/resources/{@src}"/>

There are a couple of hacks to work around problems with Fop table
handling (both marked with FixMe comments):

1) Fop currently requires column widths of tables to be specified,
therefore I calculate the width of the columns based on the maximum
nmber of columns in the table. This works, but unfortunately it means
all columns are the same width, regardless of content

2) Fop does not support captions on tables yet so I've handled them as a
different <fo:block>


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