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From Steven Noels <>
Subject sitemap issues
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 14:59:19 GMT
Hi all,

(I'll come back to my much-visited poll later on ;-)

We can't be everything to everybody, so I was thinking how we would 
support some sitemap configurability for projects that are depending on 
our remote project building.

After re-reading the thread on cocoon-dev on automounting subsitemaps as 
a default, I think we should go that way, too.

I don't think we can foresee every pipeline necessary for each project, 
neither. When thinking of the src/documentation hierarchy inside 
external projects, I thought we could only 'force' people maintain the 
root of that hierarchy according to our rules. For subdirs inside that 
documentation root, they should be allowed(/forced?) to specify its own 
sitemap. We must however list what components can be used inside those 
subsitemaps since we are in charge of maintaining our version of Cocoon 
and the jars it depends on.

So we would end up with the following hierarchy for external projects:

   {src}  ----------------------> suggested documentation root
     {documentation}  -------/
       {content}  ----------/
          {xdocs}  --------/
            book.xml (for the time being)

And we add an automount pipeline similar to Cocoon's at the end of our 

     <!-- mount everything else -->
     <map:match pattern="*/**">
       <map:mount check-reload="yes" src="{1}/" uri-prefix="{1}"/>

For our current documentation pool, I think the community contributions 
section by Diana needs to be changed according to this setup.

In terms of tabs and subsitemap pipelines which depend on core sitemap 
resources (skinit and the like), I believe we have some serious thinking 
to do, however: can you refer to a (root)map:resource from a 

What do you think? If we don't start cleaning up the sitemap RSN, we're 
heading for a trash dump :-)

Steven Noels                  
Outerthought - Open Source, Java & XML Competence Support Center            

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