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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Need todo list for Cocoon transition
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 10:17:45 GMT
David Crossley wrote:

>>yep (and please refrain from building your own skin ;-)
> Why do you say that? I imagine that many projects will not
> want the default Forrest skin and will want to use their own.
> I do understand that for this stage of Forrest it would be
> far easier to just stick with the default.

Both easiness and consistency, IMO. One of the goals of Forrest is to 
have a uniform website. The skinning system is mainly 
targeted towards projects externally to

> Has Forrest yet decided how broad is the scope of its skin?

Nope - but that's my feeling towards it. Am I wrong?

> I am confused as to the intention. Is the skin just for
> Forrest home and community docs, or does it apply to all
> projects?

All projects IMO.

>>IMO, the 'bert' skin is the obvious choice right now
>>>2. Build targets need to be added to address all of Cocoon's current 
>>well... I have been planning (and postponing) to clean up the current 
>>forrest build environment and *finally* support remote project building 
>>- unfortunately, I will not be able to work on this before next week.
> A while ago Ken said that he would attend to upgrading
> Forrest's Centipede (which includes the Ant 1.5) to enable
> the use of the scratchpad 'transform-v11' targets.
> So be careful of effort overlap.

The more I am looking at the current build system, the more I get the 
feeling it is too much for what we are currently doing. I'd be happy if 
Nicola patches it, even adding that new 'import' tag he is currently 
advocating, but I want to move forward. I'm not so sure whether his and 
my plans would conflict, but I'll keep everyone informed so that we can 
minimize that risk.

>>Given that, there shouldn't be any adaptation necessary anymore.
>>>3. Cocoon CVS needs some revisions
>>>  - add forrest.xgump
>>>  - add build facilities and targets
>>>  - ? Is the Forrest CVS adapting to Cocoon CVS structure or vice versa?
>>I checked the src/documentation structure of current Cocoon CVS and it 
>>seems pretty well shaped up for Forrest remote project building.
>>>4. Tab decisions (IMO these could wait).
>>you will need to add some tabs, I believe, but that's dead simple.
> As far as i can tell, tabs do not work yet.

Oops. Bert, can you confirm this?

>>>5. URISpace decisions (IMO these could also wait)
>>>... what else?
>>>How do we address the differences between different versions of Cocoon 
>>>in branches. Currently docs builds in HEAD are created with Cocoon 2.1; 
>>>release uses 2.0.3. Will these differences affect Forrest-generated 
>>>builds? Remember, we still need to have users be able to build their own 
>>>docs from local cvs repositories based on multiple branches, don't we?
>>there's no concept of CVS branches inside project.xtarget right now, but 
>>it should be possible to add those and run Forrest across both branches 
>>- something we should add to the forrest.xconf descriptor, I guess.
>>>Target Date
>>>I'd like to complete this before 2.1 beta of Cocoon. Is it feasible?
>>When is that beta 'planned'?
> The cocoon/plan/release.xml says
>  August/September 2002 : Release date for 2.1 Alpha 1
> No mention of further releases as yet.

Ah. Plenty of time :-)

>>>Even if we can't automate the web site updates yet, we could still 
>>>transition to the necessary architecture, correct? Honestly, I'd prefer 
>>>to continue with manual updates until we arrive at a comfort zone with 
>>>all transition issues.
>>As I said, the documents seem pretty well shaped up. When do you plan to 
>>make the transition to v11 DTDs? Or would you still be using the upgrade 
>>>Thanks for your guidance.
>>I need to get Forrest in a better shape by the end of next week for a 
>>customer - so hopefully I'll be able to add this remote project building 
>>support 'RSN'(tm).
> Excellent.
> --David

Warm regards,

Steven Noels                  
Outerthought - Open Source, Java & XML Competence Support Center            

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