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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: [libre] use(full) how and when
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 11:04:53 GMT

> So let's have it?
> When/where is the book.xml too cumbersome to maintain and how would you 
> like
> to relieve it in a very pragmatic way?
> I think by visiting these concrete problems we can joint-express the 
> kind of
> configurability we're looking for.

Ok, my apologies for not having the time *yet* to experiment with the 
current libre capabilities.

Here's what I hope we can accomplish -- in part -- with libre:

1. Generating different distro builds based on version (release 
#/beta/alpha, etc.), complexity (with or without: docs, samples)
This assumes some meta content within docs about code dependencies which 
libre's xpath capability would examine while constructing data for such 

2. Dynamic sorting capabilities for users to re-arrange 
menus/indexes/ToCs (e.g. by modified date, author, topic, etc.) as 
needed. In other words, why should we (the royal we) assume we know how 
best to organize the content for users.

3. Even in cases, like Steven's FAQs, think about other similar 
situations, e.g. How-Tos and Tutorials, where some docs are available 
externally on other sites. This means you need a list of such docs 
(single doc with third-party entries) which is included in the result, 
or the ability to go out and scrape meta data from these docs online.

Just a few preliminary thoughts.

-- Diana

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