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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: [Poll] Scope confusion?
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2002 18:47:26 GMT

> * a documentation environment for individual projects which need a solid
> framework for local docs generation, and distro docs packaging (think of
> PDF here)

There's much more than PDF issues for distro packaging. What about one 
set of docs, capable of producing all versions and flavors of distros. 
Think about doc-related issues to dynamic samples/tutorials/howtos (and 
cross-referencing with other docs, which may or may not be in the 
distro). What about different configurations of distros (with different 
kinds of docs/components) based on user needs, etc. What about 
distributions with dynamic contributor/planning/QA tools?

>           =====================================================
>                                   Ballot
>            My main interest in Forrest is:
>              [ ? ] building next generation
Assuming other projects participate/contribute (so that 
the result is better). As long as deployment remains static, I think it 
will be difficult to attract new energy to this list.

>              [ x ] Gump-style remote doco building
Isn't this goal almost met? I'm not sure how I can help this effort 
further, but I can't wait for it to happen!

>              [ x ] industrial strength documentation framework
                 I would add: used within the context of an online 
community (as well as others, of course). For me, that's the interesting 

However, "industrial strength" sounds like it will take far more effort 
than what is currently available on this list. IMHO, this kind of effort 
would need to be rolled out in useful chunks so we can start applying 
Forrest tools asap. In other words, demonstrate the value of Forrest to 
bring more resources/contributors on board.

-- Diana

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