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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Need todo list for Cocoon transition
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 09:48:31 GMT
Steven Noels wrote:
> Diana Shannon wrote:
> > I'm still a little confused about what exactly remains for Cocoon to 
> > begin its transition to Forrest. Can someone please enlighten me by 
> > helping to complete a todo list? I thought David and I had trudged 
> > through most of the hard work already. I feel good about the state of 
> > the docs. I'm psyched to get going with Forrest and its promise. So, 
> > what remains to do?
> > 
> > Seems to me:
> > 
> > 1. Skin has to be decided by cocoon-dev, right? If so, shouldn't we get 
> > this process started on cocoon-dev?
> yep (and please refrain from building your own skin ;-)

Why do you say that? I imagine that many projects will not
want the default Forrest skin and will want to use their own.
I do understand that for this stage of Forrest it would be
far easier to just stick with the default.

Has Forrest yet decided how broad is the scope of its skin?
I am confused as to the intention. Is the skin just for
Forrest home and community docs, or does it apply to all

> IMO, the 'bert' skin is the obvious choice right now
> > 2. Build targets need to be added to address all of Cocoon's current 
> > builds.
> well... I have been planning (and postponing) to clean up the current 
> forrest build environment and *finally* support remote project building 
> - unfortunately, I will not be able to work on this before next week.

A while ago Ken said that he would attend to upgrading
Forrest's Centipede (which includes the Ant 1.5) to enable
the use of the scratchpad 'transform-v11' targets.
So be careful of effort overlap.

> Given that, there shouldn't be any adaptation necessary anymore.
> > 3. Cocoon CVS needs some revisions
> >   - add forrest.xgump
> >   - add build facilities and targets
> >   - ? Is the Forrest CVS adapting to Cocoon CVS structure or vice versa?
> I checked the src/documentation structure of current Cocoon CVS and it 
> seems pretty well shaped up for Forrest remote project building.
> > 4. Tab decisions (IMO these could wait).
> you will need to add some tabs, I believe, but that's dead simple.

As far as i can tell, tabs do not work yet.

> > 5. URISpace decisions (IMO these could also wait)
> yep
> > ... what else?
> > 
> > Issues
> > How do we address the differences between different versions of Cocoon 
> > in branches. Currently docs builds in HEAD are created with Cocoon 2.1; 
> > release uses 2.0.3. Will these differences affect Forrest-generated 
> > builds? Remember, we still need to have users be able to build their own 
> > docs from local cvs repositories based on multiple branches, don't we?
> there's no concept of CVS branches inside project.xtarget right now, but 
> it should be possible to add those and run Forrest across both branches 
> - something we should add to the forrest.xconf descriptor, I guess.
> > Target Date
> > I'd like to complete this before 2.1 beta of Cocoon. Is it feasible?
> When is that beta 'planned'?

The cocoon/plan/release.xml says
 August/September 2002 : Release date for 2.1 Alpha 1
No mention of further releases as yet.

> > Even if we can't automate the web site updates yet, we could still 
> > transition to the necessary architecture, correct? Honestly, I'd prefer 
> > to continue with manual updates until we arrive at a comfort zone with 
> > all transition issues.
> As I said, the documents seem pretty well shaped up. When do you plan to 
> make the transition to v11 DTDs? Or would you still be using the upgrade 
> > Thanks for your guidance.
> I need to get Forrest in a better shape by the end of next week for a 
> customer - so hopefully I'll be able to add this remote project building 
> support 'RSN'(tm).


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