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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: adding catalog support to the XMLValidate Ant task
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2002 07:16:48 GMT
On Mon, 3 Jun 2002, Craeg K Strong wrote:

> Hello:
> Yes.  My intentions are indeed to add support for external OASIS catalogs
> to Ant, both for <xslt> (aka <style>) and <xmlvalidate>.

excellent news!

> The first piece (which _has_ been committed and is in 1.5Beta2)
> updated the docs to point at the OASIS standard, added mucho tests,
> and severely refactored the code so that adding in support for
> OASIS catalogs will be a snap!

what do you mean with 'updated the docs'? Adding a reference from the Ant
documentation to the OASIS spec?

> Now that this is in there, I will prepare a patch for the remainder
> (ie 2 of 2) sometime in the next week.
> The problem is that because we are in the "final beta" stage of 1.5
> (to be released July 1) ordinarily ONLY bug fixes would be accepted.
> Support for external OASIS catalogs will probably be viewed as
> an enhancement, not a bug fix.  (heh, not by me :-)

I know Stefan Bodewig is on this list - Stefan, what is your opinion?

> However, if enough people from enough other projects would make
> their wishes known, perhaps we could persuade the ant-dev committers
> to let this enhancement into 1.5?
> I personally think it is worth a try, b/c otherwise it gets committed
> in the 1.6alpha which means that until 1.6 is released (god knows when)
> you have to either use a daily build or download from CVS and build
> your own.  yuk.

We have been using a CVS build of Ant for some time, I believe - and 
Nicola is pretty much Ant-aware to handle this.

> I already have the code ready; it is just a matter of applying it against
> the latest CVS, testing the heck out of it, making patches, and submitting
> them.
> If you like, I will CC you (and forrest-dev?) on the actual patch submission
> email when I make it.  That way you can reference the URL from
> mail-archives in any correspondence...

Sure do, if you plan to put it in CVS, we might as well migrate to the CVS 
build of Ant.

> Regards,
> --Craeg

Thanks for helping us out!


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