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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: Project Deliverables List ?
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2002 10:21:03 GMT
First lesson: don't do HTML mail on mailing lists ;-)

A graphical representation of the system showing its major components
(inputs, main function, outputs) and their collaboration could be of
value for newbie navigation. Are you interested in getting a draft to
show what I mean and documenting my understanding so far?

Yes, please! Seriously! We all like pictures!

Do you think it's useless to know at least the names, the purpose and
the attributes of the project work products?

No. But we don't have a full vision on the deliverables (or 'project
work products' as you seem to call them). And perhaps we will never
have. The next thing you'll be asking is a resource/task list ;-)

Being a fledgling project, I consider Forrest being reasonable
documented already - we could perhaps do with an update of the todo list
and some new people contributing to the project however ;-)

I'm learning about the way the community works. I'll come back with some

Again, please do so - you're absolutely welcome. Within my perception of
the world, I think we are a small but friendly community.

And I'm interested to learn about OpenSource development anyway.

I like the fact you consider OSS being something which should be
'learned'. It's just so true: there are many more small
incompatibilities between closed and open source development than one
would think off at first sight.


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