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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: bert skin added
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2002 14:03:51 GMT
> From: Stefano Mazzocchi []

> If you look in the cocoon scratchpad you'll see the
> "Paginator" which is
> a transformer which takes a "pagesheet" and filters out the
> pipeline. I
> swear I'll provide samples and breif documentation real soon.

I heared that one before ;-)

but yes, we should have a look at it!!

> Yep, here are a few comments/questions on the skin as well as the
> forrestbot
> 1) the path changes from
>     something > something else
> to
>    something : something
> I *far* prefer the first because it gives a sense of flow that the
> second doesn't.


> 2) "build with *" buttons escalation. Please, let's remove
> them. We can
> easily write a page "About" where we indicate what we used to build it
> and blah blah blah. We *DO*NOT* need to indicate this on each
> and every
> page.

+1 (sorry Nicola (even Maven doesn't do that ;-))

> 3) PRE wrapping: there are a few ways to solve the issue of horizontal
> scrolling (which is indeed a problem in many situations)
> a) perform automatic wrapping on the server side
> b) perform automatic wrapping on the client side (with the ability to
> turn it off via javascript)
> c) create a warning if anything in a PRE exceeds 80 columns
> during build
> d) substitute PRE with TEXTAREA
> e) use CSS2 to constraing the PRE overflow in scrollable (this is not
> very portable across user-agents)

no opinion on this one

> 4) In IE5.5 on win2k, if I reduce the font size, the PRE fonts are too
> tiny to be readable. I'm not sure if this problem is solvable (but it
> doens't bugg me too much, just for your information).

I've seen this duplicated with IE 6, too


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