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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: [vote] focusing on internals
Date Sat, 08 Jun 2002 21:29:08 GMT
> From: Stefano Mazzocchi []

> This vote is about something that I think we are doing wrong: we are
> skinning too soon.

'Soon' isn't the right word, IMO, I'd rather opt for 'much'.

> Now tell me: if I make a structural change in the forrest
> sitemap, am I
> supposed to go into every skin and update it as well?

No, of course not. The work-around of having to add tab2menu.xsl to all
the other skins to get the default build working again was a nice
example of what is happening right now: we have one or two skins that
people are still maintaining, others are not looked after anymore. So
I'm +1 on reducing the number of skins right away, although I'd rather
keep two instead of only one, to avoid the fact of not showcasing the
skinnability anymore. If we have two skins to maintain, people will be
more aware about change management and XML interface definition.
Standardizing or describing the different outputs of the basic pipelines
that are aggregated has been long post due on my to-do list, and having
only one skin wouldn't make this necesary anymore.

> I propose a vote to remove *all* skins from forrest but one until we
> consider Forrest stable enough to make a release *and* state to skin
> authors that the forrest internals are solid enough to create a skin
> upon.

We cannot ensure this solidity without proving it ourselves.

> I don't care which skin is kept in CVS and becomes the reference
> implementation, but I want just one.
> Vote?

Let's vote on the two remaining skins?

The bert-skin should be made the default, for sure.


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