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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject DTD & doc changes
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 20:46:04 GMT
I've made some changes to the current set of draft v11 dtds, reflecting
a number of issues that were addressed in the infamous element/attribute
vote, and then some more.


* most elements that had title attributes were changed to have a title
child element instead:

  - the changes document root element <changes> -> Stefano / Nicola
  - the <section> element, of course
  - the <part> element (inside faq documents) ditto -> Diana!

* in the meantime, I changed some other things for consistency reasons

  - made the header required in doc-v11 docs - to make sure we don't
fall in the same trap as the old stylebook DTDs, where each document had
at least an s1 for title's sake
  - and I left some other things untouched which I plan to review in the
next days - expect nothing too special

* authors of the other DTDs should check them for the usage of
%title.att; - I've eradicated most, but not all, and I've seen that DTDs
are not necessarily in balance with each other (i.e. the <header>
approach sometimes differs, which I don't like) -> Diana, Stefano

* I might be forgetting other pressing changes in the DTDs, that we have
been discussing over the past few weeks - so if someone has a better
memory than I do, please get back to the list

* after this simple task, I ventured into manually upgrading the docs
inside Forrest CVS according to these changes, and I can assure you that
we need automated procedures next time ;-|

* I've patched the document2html in the forrest-site skin according to
these changes. We'll need to patch the other skins as well, and the
doclist pipeline (David?) too I guess. I have received a set of changes
from Bert (he's sorting out his CVS issues), which I will commit
tomorrow morning, and which will need to be upgraded accordingly. I'm
not going to do this all by myself ;-)

Anyway: please cross-check!


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