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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: CVS: line-endings UNIX/DOS
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2002 06:52:11 GMT
> From: David Crossley []

> I think that i have found one cause of the line-endings
> problem. The new files that Steven committed yesterday
> have dos line endings. These were received directly from
> someone on a Windows system. I gather that committers need
> to verify new files before 'cvs add' them.

Sorry - late at night, but you're absolutely right. I'll try harder next

> When i deal with a patch, then i look at the diffs with my
> text-editor which immediately shows that it needs dos2unix.
> I do this regardless, because i am not clear whether
> the 'patch' program deals with mixed line-endings.
> Does anyone know?

I've used patches that Bert prepared on his machine - and guess what:
they worked OOTB. Using the 'patch -p3' switch John informed us about

> I just fixed the few files that were added yesterday.
> However, i do not know whether this new image needs
> some attention:
>  src/resources/skins/bert/images/label.gif



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