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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject import of main site into forrest
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2002 22:22:02 GMT
Hi all,

some mysterious motivational wind was blowing in my direction this
evening, and I went haywire after my last visit to the ugly main site.


- I've run all docs in the {xml-site}/sources/xml-site through the new
docv10->docv11 translation stylesheet, tweaked the result manually, and
imported the result of this into
- I rewrote the website.xml that came with it to our book.xml syntax,
and added a link to the xml-site directory in our main book.xml

If all goes well, we have a draft version of the main
site at after forrestbot has done its

What has this 3 hour exercise taught me:

- if the state of the other projects xml source files is comparable with
those of the main site, we will need some thorough editorial review
after migrating projects to forrest - people have been rather creative
with the elements allowed by the old v10 DTD - using section-level
elements instead of lists, inserting non-breakable spaces for table-like
layout, <br>'s inside list items to mimick definition lists, etc... I
haven't done much to solve these issues - so there's plenty of work for
the editorially challenged amongst us :-)

- we need to do something with the 'link' situation. Joerg, David et al,
let's prepare a vote on this and resolve this thing. Now.

- Please have a look at
content-type=text/vnd.viewcvs-markup which is the 'old' book.xml as has
been used by the now defunct stylebook. I see <hidden> and <external>
and I find these quite interesting. Your ideas?

- Previous xdocs didn't require an authors element being filled in - how
will be solve this? Making authors optional again?

- Auto-generation of mini TOC's - should this be parametrizable? TOCs
are generated now if sections exist within sections in a document, which
was good for the forrest docs so far, but suboptimal for the content
imported from the main site. On the other hand, these imported docs have
been abusing the DTD to obtain certain visual effects, IMNSHO - so we
could fix the docs, too.

- The bert skin - in general, I think the body text is a point (or two)
too big - there isn't too much text on a screen. Bert, can we fix this?
I know I can change the settings of my browser, but I believe the
default font-size is 12pt, which is simply too big, showing too little
content on a 1024*768 screen.

Please review the result of this little transition exercise and post
other issues you come across with.



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