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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: Making Cocoon Forrest-ready
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 18:30:56 GMT
John wrote:

> I could try and free up some cycles.

Great, hopefully Diana will be there, too, to guard us against our own
mistakes :-)

>  I agree that the docs should
> stay in Cocoon's CVS - did you see the mails I sent you wrt the
> ant CVS task?

Yep, seen those - but with luck will be able to run Forrest from nagoya,
so Cygwin-specifics wouldn't be an issue.

> General question: is it possible to checkout a directory of
> a repository?  ie, xml-cocoon2/src/documentation/xdocs?
> J.

Same here, I've been checking the Cederqvist, however:

<quote src=""/>
The modules are either symbolic names for some collection of source
directories and files, or paths to directories or files in the
repository. The symbolic names are defined in the `modules' file. See
section C.1 The modules file.

Depending on the modules you specify, checkout may recursively create
directories and populate them with the appropriate source files. You can
then edit these source files at any time (regardless of whether other
software developers are editing their own copies of the sources); update
them to include new changes applied by others to the source repository;
or commit your work as a permanent change to the source repository.

Note that checkout is used to create directories. The top-level
directory created is always added to the directory where checkout is
invoked, and usually has the same name as the specified module.

So it seems 'cvs co xml-forrest/src/documentation' in a clean directory
should work, and indeed, I've tested this, and it works :-)


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