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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: Making Cocoon Forrest-ready
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 14:31:46 GMT

> Hmmm, if Steven was able to perform the whole xml-site translation, he
> might be willing to help on the complete transition of Cocoon docs to
> Document 1.1.
> That is abrupt, I agree. But since the DTDs are very similar,
> shouldn't
> provide any more problems to the document authors.
> Steven, what do you think?

There are issues currently between Forrest & Cocoon DTD's, and I haven't
detected enough willingness for Cocoon to be dependent on our DTD change
management practices, nor consensus about the general visual look &

That's why I started off with xml-site itself, since no-one really cares
about that one ;-)

Furthermore, Cocoon documentation sources should reside in Cocoon CVS,
not in Forrest, so some Cocoon committer would need to be present to
assist me with this during the process. We also need to implement
support for the Forrest descriptor in the forrestbot/Ant environment,
and Nicola seems to be busy with other things these days.

So there's a number of things holding me back - also lack of free time,
too, until after mid June. Maybe we can 'plan' this for the end of June?

I'm willing to do this, however - I'll just close my eyes and think of


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