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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: DTD questions
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2002 22:33:18 GMT

> Well, the problems still remain.

Hey, cool down ;-)

There is no boss or project manager keeping track of us, and we're all
useless in terms of time management.

> Here a short form:
> 1. Make titles elements. This is a show-stopper for me.
>   I'd take vetoes as cause to fork my own DTDs for FOP.

A vote it will be - but please don't walk away if the result of this
vote is not to your liking. We need people like you over here. I'm +0.5
and will cast my vote in favor of the majority. It is trivial to add
this to the docv10->11 translation stylesheet after a decision has been

> 2. Handle links similarly, either provide all with an
>   @anchor, or none. I'd prefer the latter, because of less
>   ambiguity and for consistence with topic maps.

Ditto - could you come up with a revised DTD fragment. Let the people
choose between a number of different link elements, and only one with
all possible attributes folded in.

> 3. Provide more precise guidelines for when to use which
>   link element than on

When we have decided on point 2, I will update the document. I'm +0 and
will cast my vote in favor of the majority.

> 4. Provide a mechanism for avoiding having the same target
>   href in lots of links scattered all over the place, for
>   the sake of easy maintainability of the hrefs.

This will take some more time, I believe. I don't want to impose yet
another metadocument to manage to our users, but you have a point and we
should fix this.

> Is this concise enough to get some decisions (not necessarily
> final code) on short order?

I'll ask the project manager ;-)

Seriously: do you have a release date for FOP in mind?


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