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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: bert skin added
Date Sun, 02 Jun 2002 12:09:02 GMT
Great job, Bert and crew, on the new skin. A few thoughts:

1. What's the intended use of the light blue rectangle area just above 
the top of the white content area of page? Will it eventually contain 
something? If not, I would get rid of it. The skin design is already 
top-heavy enough.

2. I assume the directory icons on the side bar menu will eventually be 
dynamic, opening and closing? If not, IMO they are a bit confusing as 
is. I found myself clicking them...

3. I think you need a bit more white space before the first title on 
every page.

4. Why are you introducing another shade of blue for the inactive tabs? 
Why not use the same color as the the light blue used elsewhere on the 

5. I could be completely wrong, but it's my understanding that 
margin-top is supported by your target browsers, as along as it's a 
positive value. If you agree, here's another thought. Floating subheads 
(which have the same amount of white space before and after) drive me 
crazy. They are supposed to "belong" to the page elements, usually the 
paragraphs which follow them. That is, there should be more space above 
a subhead than below it -- not equal amounts. With the documentation 
I've seen so far with Cocoon, it gets visually confusing, at least for 
me, especially in documents with short paragraphs and rather large 
subheads. Ideally, margin-bottom is a better way to implement this 
(that's how it's done in print design), but it's problematic for some 
browsers. In my work, subheads, known as <s> can be siblings of <p> 
elements. Thus, I simply check if a <p> has an immediate preceding <s> 
sibling ( name(preceding-sibling::node()[1])='s'"). If true, margin-top 
is zero. If false, it gets margin-top value of, let's say 0.5em. 
Subheads, in this case, would get a 1em for their top-margin value. 
Based on this info, I dynamically build a predefined css class name 
which reflect this and other css specifications.  With Forrest, after a 
very quick review, it appears you'd simply have to check if the position 
of <p> within a section. Clearly this check would occur in 
document2html.xsl, not in the skin transformation. I would be happy to 
submit  a patch to this effect, if it's useful, appropriate, or relevant 
at this phase or for this version.

Sorry to be late with my comments. I don't know how everyone keeps 
up :/ ...


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