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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: bert skin added
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2002 13:25:20 GMT
On Monday, June 3, 2002, at 01:13  AM, David Crossley wrote:

> <snip/>
>>> 3. I think you need a bit more white space before the first title on 
>>> every
>>> page.
>> I'll add some.  I' guess the easiest way is to add a break before the 
>> first
>> line.  This way the balance is kept when the font is enlarged.
> Why is more white-space needed? It looks OK now on Mozilla
> and Opera on Linux. Would adding a hard line-break just make
> it look worse on different browsers?
What do you mean, worse?

It doesn't need a *whole* hard line break. Perhaps just a half an em, 
implemented by a white spacer (or by css margin-top as I am introducing 
with a patch for other h elements). David, right now there's just *no* 
visual relief for readers before the start of the actual content (which 
is the most important stuff, IMO) on a page. The top part of the web 
page occupies approximately 2 inches of vertical space. That doesn't 
even include browser widgets. Packing it all in so thick at the top 
introduces some unnecessary visual competition. Strategic use of white 
space helps direct user eyeballs to the important stuff.

> Also i thought that we agreed on a <h1> heading instead of <h2>.

If so, all the more reason IMO for a *modest* amount of white space 
above it.


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