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From Bert Van Kets <>
Subject build path variable
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 07:40:56 GMT
This is a call to an Ant expert.
I was thinking of solving the hard coded path in the tabs.  To my opinion 
the best solution is to get the path from Ant and use it in the 
stylesheet.  I have been looking at the project.xtarget but can't find the 
parameter I can use in the stylesheet (something like @build.path@).  I 
have tried to use some variables with no succes.  This is why I hard coded 
it in the first place.
The problem is I'm not an Ant expert yet and need some assistance.
Can someone shine some light on this please?
Adding/using the build path in Ant makes it possible to build to a specific 
directory with working tabs by simply adding a parameter to the build 
command.   The build path can then be modified in the cron job by adding a 
parameter and assure working tabs.

Steven,  I have not yet found the time to look at Libre, but can it be used 
for the tabs too?

Konstantin, if you want to make the tab functionality independent of the 
directory structure, how would you do this?  There must be some grouping of 
different parts.  Isn't a directory tree the easiest way to go.  If you 
want to put the grouping in an XML tree we will have to place an entry in 
the tabs.xml file for every directory we want to be placed under a certain 
tab.  This will require some mods to the tabs functionality, but nothing 
difficult to it (of course).  I just thought it was easy to have every sub 
directory of a certain directory appear underneath a tab automatically.  No 
extra configuration needed.


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