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From Bert Van Kets <>
Subject Re: [vote] focusing on internals
Date Sat, 08 Jun 2002 13:48:59 GMT
At 16:41 7/06/2002 +0200, you wrote:
>This vote is about something that I think we are doing wrong: we are
>skinning too soon.
>Ok, we all love Cocoon, XSLT and the ability to change the entire look
>of a site by simply setting a new variable someplace. But is this a good
>thing to do at this very moment?
>Looking in the forrest CVS we have:
>  - avalon-site
>  - basic
>  - bert
>  - forrest-site
>  - jakarta-site
>  - xml-apache-site
>Now tell me: if I make a structural change in the forrest sitemap, am I
>supposed to go into every skin and update it as well?
>forget it.


>I propose a vote to remove *all* skins from forrest but one until we
>consider Forrest stable enough to make a release *and* state to skin
>authors that the forrest internals are solid enough to create a skin


>For now, we simply can't guarantee that and I don't want any job in the
>forrest internals to be slowed down by the fact that all skins must
>proceed in parallel. This is just as bad as early optimization. It's
>simply not the right way to do things.
>I'm not against people using Forrest with their own skins (I'm thinking
>about Avalon and POI who happen to live in a forrest-agnostic land), but
>I'm concerned about the fact that more skins at this point mean less
>speed for forrest in general and I don't like this.
>I don't care which skin is kept in CVS and becomes the reference
>implementation, but I want just one.

This has nothing to do with my work, but I think the bert skin is the most 
advanced and the cleanest.
Do we rename it to Forrest skin when this vote is accepterd?


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