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From Bert Van Kets <>
Subject skins build again
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2002 08:30:21 GMT
The build works again for all skins ON MY MACHINE.  The only thing I had to 
do is copy the tab2menu.xsl file to all the other skins.
I did not put tabs in the skins or modify tab functionality when already 
existing, just fixed the builds.
I noticed the centipede image is missing in the basic, jakarta-site and 
xml-apache-site skins.  Do I copy the images to the skin/images directory 
or do I make these universal in the documentation/resources/images 
directory?  In the latter case the index.xml file must be adjusted too.

I'll fix the CVS as soon as I get my access data, unless someone beats me 
to it. ;-)

You can all expect a little presentation about myself (incl. pic) later 
today.  I need to think about it a little longer.  Specially Stefano's mail 
about my mail glitch made me change my mind about the content.

Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to learn.


This mail is written in 100% recycled electrons.

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