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From Bert Van Kets <>
Subject Re: CVS: line-endings UNIX/DOS
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2002 07:00:42 GMT
At 12:16 7/06/2002 +1000, you wrote:
>I think that i have found one cause of the line-endings
>problem. The new files that Steven committed yesterday
>have dos line endings. These were received directly from
>someone on a Windows system. I gather that committers need
>to verify new files before 'cvs add' them.
>When i deal with a patch, then i look at the diffs with my
>text-editor which immediately shows that it needs dos2unix.
>I do this regardless, because i am not clear whether
>the 'patch' program deals with mixed line-endings.
>Does anyone know?
>I just fixed the few files that were added yesterday.

Thanks David.
The files do originate from me.  I'm using a Win2K system (for the time 
being).  The files were submitted by Steven.
I am going to migrate to cygWin and when I solve my ADSL modem problem to 
Suse Linux 7.3.  I will take extra care of the CR/LF problem when the move 
to the new OS/system has been done.  I'm starting to dislike Windows as an 
open source development platform :(

>However, i do not know whether this new image needs
>some attention:
>  src/resources/skins/bert/images/label.gif

Since this is a binary file, I don't think so.

>David Crossley wrote:
> > I notice that most files in Forrest CVS have UNIX
> > line-endings (as they should) while some have DOS.
> >
> > A Google search shows that this is an issue that arises
> > in many projects, and in some cases causes grief.
> > (Bert, i have been attempting to look in to this all week
> > and noticed your posting yesterday about this trouble.)
> >
> > <quote ref="">
> > ... CVS by default converts line endings between the canonical form in
> > which they are stored in the repository (linefeed only), and the form
> > appropriate to the operating system in use on the client (for example,
> > carriage return followed by line feed for Windows NT).
> > </quote>
> >
> > So how do some documents end up in CVS with dos line-endings?
> > One Google lead that i saw, was to do with a poorly-mounted
> > Windows filesystem and a commit via CygWin.
> >
> > Anyway, as i notice the problems in my working-copy, i will do
> > a 'dos2unix; commit'. That will fix the repository, i presume.
> >
> > --David

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