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From Bert Van Kets <>
Subject Re: [vote] Bert Van Kets as a Forrest Committer
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 15:23:06 GMT
Please disregard my last mail, I did not mean to send it.  I accidently 
pressed the send button instead of the close button!  AFAIK the list is not 
meant for personal opinions.
My sincerest apologies.
If you do want personal comment, mail me directly please.  I am happy to 
give it to anyone who asks.

At 16:09 6/06/2002 +0200, you wrote:
>Dear all,
>after careful consideration and deliberation, and after consultation of
>Bert himself, during which he expressed his sincere commitment for
>continued contribution to Forrest, I thought... hell, he deserves it,
>and he will learn to do an even better job given commit access and an
> address to handle with respect to our community spirit. The
>fact he hasn't contributed any patches yet doesn't weigh in against the
>amount of new stuff he contributed.
>I take the liberty (sorry) of quoting one of the private comments that
>finally dropped my reservations:
>My position is simple: I like Bert's attitude very much. Humble yet
>effective. Enjoys constructive criticism because he's willing to learn
>and his ego doesn't blind him.
>Hopefully, this is also a big motivational boost to Bert - because
>there's still lots of work to do ;->
>So here goes:
>  [  ] - Nicola Ken Barozzi (
>  [  ] - David Crossley (
>  [  ] - Stefano Mazzocchi (
>  [  ] - John Morrison (
>  [+1] - Steven Noels (
>  [  ] - Konstantin Piroumian (
>  [  ] - Sam Ruby (
>for Bert as a Forrest committer.
>Cast your votes, please!

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