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From Bert Van Kets <>
Subject RE: Forrest new style
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 08:47:18 GMT
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> >
> > How about 1 book.xml for all current how-to's?  There's too much
> > separation.  Doesn't do much good to the usability of the site.
>Yes, 1 book would be better, but I'm not sure that it will work without
>changing the current sitemap. I've proposed to use separate sitemaps for
>'HowTos', docs, etc. - all the big specialized areas, but currently it's not
>possible, cause it will require knowledge of sitemap syntax for other
>Steven, what about a a central sitemap repository like this:
>         sitemap.xmap <-- root sitemap
>         howto/
>                 sitemap.xmap <-- howto sub-sitemap
>         documentation/
>                 sitemap.xmap <-- docs sitemap
>And extend the mount element like this:
>      <map:mount
>         uri-prefix="howto"
>         src="context://community/howto/"
>         sitemap="howto/sitemap.xmap"   <!-- here we specify the sitemap
>         check-reload="yes"/>
>AFAIK, it's not supported by Cocoon, but we have enough Cocoon committers
>here to vote for it  ;)

Wouldn't this solve the selected-menu-item-in-subdirectories problem too?

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> > Indeed, but if you look at what was intended in the original
> > design, there
> > are a LOT of levels.  Is this a real life sample.
> > I was thinking about creating dynamic book2html stylesheet
> > that creates a
> > dynamic DHTML menu.  The main problem is I would have to use
> > div and span
> > layers and there are a LOT of browsers out there that won't
> > be too happy
> > about that (Opera for one).
>If you search in mail list archive (somewhere in March) then you could find
>my version of dynamic menu and even book2html stylesheet for it. AFAIR, I
>didn't use any 'div' for it, I simply used CSS styles for open/closed
>sections with 'display:visible|hidden' field. And applied that style to <ul>
>and <li> elements. I even have version that works in Netscape 4.74.

Great, I never thought about using CSS for this.  I will definitely check 
this out.  Thanks

> > Let's put the dynamic menu on hold for now.
>Yes. We can add it when it will be a real need for it.

I'll make sure I'm ready when the time comes ;-)



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