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From Bert Van Kets <>
Subject Forrest new style
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 14:46:45 GMT
I have done the following:

- add selected item to the menu
- added external tag support in the menu
- make the tabs functional
     + add tabs.xml
     + add tab2xhtml.xsl)
     + add tab-cocoon-v10.dtd
     + add tab-cocoon-v10.dtd to entity catalog
     + add pipeline to sitemap and add aggregation part to *.html and **/*.html
- sorted out most of the CSS problems (text resizing remains)
- add a label image to the menu since these are not dynamic
- replaced : with > in the path at the top
- move the "created with Cocoon" and "built with Krisalis Centipede" images 
to first page
- replaced h2 with h1 for the title (Diana do I still need to add some 
white space??)

What needs to be added/changed:
- make the links on the tabs independent of the build target (TMHO we need 
some code here :( )
- make the top path depending on a site.xml file or some other source
- make paging work
- make the "selected item" function in sub menus (Cocoon has the same problem)
- Make the fonts scalable in CSS
- add and incorporate a CSS class to the section titles to add some white 
space above them
- make the menu dynamic (least important to me and not voted yet AFAIK)
- create a PURE html version of all stylesheets without any use of CSS
- create a "build skin howto"

Don't shoot me if I forgot something, just let me know. ;-)

I think the current version is usable for the Forrest site.  If we sort out 
the top path and the menu selection in the sub menus it's usable for the 
whole site.

Take a look a it at  The zip and tar.gz 
files are updated but not complete yet.
I will sort out all the files that need to be added/updated asap and commit 
this evening.


This mail is written in 100% recycled electrons.

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