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From Bert Van Kets <>
Subject RE: Tabs
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 10:47:36 GMT
At 14:14 5/06/2002 +0400, you wrote:
> > From: Bert Van Kets []
> >
> > I'm building the tab system.
> > The tabs need to point to a certain directory.  Since the
> > root of the site
> > is a subdirectory I need to set relative links to the root of
> > the site.
> > for example
> > home = "/forrest/"
> > how-tos = "/forrest/community/howto/"
> >
> > To be able to do this I must know the directory where the
> > site will be
> > deployed.  What ANT parameter do I need to use to get this
> > done?  How do I
> > implement it?  Can I just add @build.dir@ to my stylesheet?
>Would you tell more on how are you going to implement that? Where are you
>going to get the names of the tabs? It's not a good idea to have names of
>the tabs the same as directory names. And I'd like to have an URI space that
>isn't bound to the file system structure.

As Steven proposed I'm using the same technology as the menu system.  I 
added a **top-**.xml pipeline to teh sitemap, a top.xml file in the xdocs 
directory and a top2xhtml.xsl to the skin stylesheet/html directoy.
The top.xml file contains entries much like the menu system.  I'm using a 
label and a dir attribute do link a sub-directory to a tab.  Every 
directory in the tab sub-directory will activate the tab too.  Very simple, 
easily maintainable and proven system.

>A while ago were proposed a site.xml (or it was index.xml?) that would carry
>all the needed things for either the 'global-path' (apache > xml.apache >
>project) or the tabs, menus, etc - something like a topic map, but nothing
>yet done in that direction.

hmm, that would need to span the WHOLE site.  The menu system of every 
project would need to be in there.  Unless there's a site.xml per project I 
don't see how this could be maintained.
I think a site.xml file should only contain the top path entries, like the 
top.xml file  contains the tab entries.
This way the structure is split up in three levels:
site.xml : site path at the top of the page
top.xml (1 per project) : tabs content
book.xml (1 per directory) : menu content.

>Regarding the path: you can use a sitemap parameter and pass it to your
>stylesheet. But I think that we must find a better solution without a need
>to specify the context directory.

The data is already in Ant.  I just need a way to access it.  AFAIK I can't 
use the sitemap since it resides in the forrest directory.  Any other 


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> > Bert
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