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From Bert Van Kets <>
Subject Re: bert skin added
Date Sun, 02 Jun 2002 17:54:26 GMT
At 08:09 2/06/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Great job, Bert and crew, on the new skin. A few thoughts:
>1. What's the intended use of the light blue rectangle area just above the 
>top of the white content area of page? Will it eventually contain 
>something? If not, I would get rid of it. The skin design is already 
>top-heavy enough.

It is meant to contain paging code.  Page number, next page, previous page, 
stuff like that.  Personally I'm not sure how to do it, but I guess others 
will know.

>2. I assume the directory icons on the side bar menu will eventually be 
>dynamic, opening and closing? If not, IMO they are a bit confusing as is. 
>I found myself clicking them...

There's a mixed feeling about a dynamic menu.  I'll change the icons to 
filled squares to avoid the confusion for now.

>3. I think you need a bit more white space before the first title on every 

I'll add some.  I' guess the easiest way is to add a break before the first 
line.  This way the balance is kept when the font is enlarged.

>4. Why are you introducing another shade of blue for the inactive tabs? 
>Why not use the same color as the the light blue used elsewhere on the page?

I'll try it and see how it looks.  Nice suggestion btw.

>5. I could be completely wrong, but it's my understanding that margin-top 
>is supported by your target browsers, as along as it's a positive value. 
>If you agree, here's another thought. Floating subheads (which have the 
>same amount of white space before and after) drive me crazy. They are 
>supposed to "belong" to the page elements, usually the paragraphs which 
>follow them. That is, there should be more space above a subhead than 
>below it -- not equal amounts. With the documentation I've seen so far 
>with Cocoon, it gets visually confusing, at least for me, especially in 
>documents with short paragraphs and rather large subheads. Ideally, 
>margin-bottom is a better way to implement this (that's how it's done in 
>print design), but it's problematic for some browsers. In my work, 
>subheads, known as <s> can be siblings of <p> elements. Thus, I simply 
>check if a <p> has an immediate preceding <s> sibling ( 
>name(preceding-sibling::node()[1])='s'"). If true, margin-top is zero. If 
>false, it gets margin-top value of, let's say 0.5em. Subheads, in this 
>case, would get a 1em for their top-margin value. Based on this info, I 
>dynamically build a predefined css class name which reflect this and other 
>css specifications.  With Forrest, after a very quick review, it appears 
>you'd simply have to check if the position of <p> within a section. 
>Clearly this check would occur in document2html.xsl, not in the skin 
>transformation. I would be happy to submit  a patch to this effect, if 
>it's useful, appropriate, or relevant at this phase or for this version.

If you've got it working, please do provide a patch.  Your argument is 
absolutely right. Nice solution too.

>Sorry to be late with my comments. I don't know how everyone keeps up :/ ...

No problem.  A site is never finished and I'm always up for 
perfection.  The use of a skin makes adjustments to the site very easy.



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